Labour plans free broadband for all.

A Labour government will deliver fast and free full fibre-broadband for all by creating a British Broadband public service. It will save people £30.30 a month on average and ensure everyone, in every community, is connected with lightning fast broadband.

We have long passed the time when internet connectivity was a luxury. It is now essential in our working and social lives. The Labour Party believes that not only will this help tackle social isolation of people in areas that are currently cut off, but it will also have economic and environmental benefits, increasing productivity and potentially resulting in 300 million fewer commuting trips and 360,000 tonnes fewer carbon dioxide emissions.

I believe the benefits of our British Broadband policy be felt in our constituency, from up in Spofforth and the hills of North Yorkshire down to Whitley and Kirk Smeaton. People will be better connected with family, they’ll be able to work from home more and will no longer have to put up with expensive, yet substandard, connections.

Labour are a party of vision, ready to bring the UK forward, leaving nobody behind, into the 21st century.

Labour will give 30 hours free childcare a week to 2519 2-4 year olds in Selby & Ainsty.

The radical expansion of free childcare to all exceeds the Lib Dems’ offer, and will save families thousands of pounds a year. It will be accompanied by opening a Sure Start centre in every community to “unlock the potential of all our children”.

On Saturday (9 November) Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and Shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner visited Yorkshire to outline Labour’s £1 billion investment to reverse the Conservatives’ cuts to Sure Start and open 1,000 new centres in England.

Since the Conservatives entered government, 1,000 Sure Start centres have been closed.

Labour’s plans to radically expand free childcare to 30 hours a week for all 2-4 year olds, which will save families thousands of pounds a year.

New analysis by the House of Commons Library found that under Labour’s expansion of free childcare:

  • the average parent of a two year old not currently eligible for childcare support would save over £5,000 a year
  • parents with children aged 2-4 who are currently only eligible for 15 hours, would save over £2,500 a year.

Labour’s expansion of 30 hours of free childcare will benefit over 880,000 3 and 4 years olds, and over 500,000 two years olds by the end of the Parliament.

This comes as new analysis shows childcare costs have risen twice as fast as wages under the Tories.

Malik in Sherburn
Malik in Sherburn

Evidence suggests that early years education for children below the age of four has a positive impact on the life chances of disadvantaged children, but overall disadvantaged children spend significantly less time in pre-school than children from more affluent backgrounds. The attainment gap between disadvantaged children and their more advantaged counterparts is already evident when children begin school aged 5, with a gap between them the equivalent of 4.3 months of learning. This gap more than doubles to 9.5 months at the end of primary school, and then more than doubles again to 19.3 months at the end of secondary school

Labour will unlock the potential of all our children by:

  • Rolling out 30 hours of free childcare a week for all 2-4 year olds to give all our children the best possible start in life, saving families thousands of pounds a year;
  • Opening 1,000 new Sure Start centres;
  • Providing free school meals for all primary school children to end the stigma and ensure no child goes hungry at school;
  • Building a million genuinely affordable homes, including the biggest council housing programme in a generation;
  • Investing in our schools, fully reversing Tory cuts to give every school the funding it needs;
  • Ending the public sector pay cap and introducing a Real Living Wage of at least £10 an hour to boost household income;
  • Ending the benefit freeze, the two child limit and scrapping Universal Credit which is pushing families into poverty;

Malik Rofidi, Labour’s Candidate in Selby & Ainsty, said:

 “This is the real change that the next Labour government is going to bring to people’s lives.

“Just imagine how much more manageable this will make life and work for the parents of young families.

Campaigning in Sherburn in Elmet on Saturday, I had a conversation with a mother who showed concern over a lack of services for children in the area. I explained that under a Labour government we would open Sure Start Centres in our locality, to which she gave her approval.

“My wife, who is a trained Early Years Teacher, emphasises the importance of a good early start for all children to build upon. It helps them reach their potential – we need to ensure that no child is left behind.

“You can’t trust the Tories and the Lib Dems with childcare – they cut more than a thousand Sure Start centres across the country and told us it’s impossible for the state to make people’s lives better by helping with childcare.

“We’re ending that. Labour is going to deliver real change.”

Jeremy Corbyn, Leader of the Labour Party, said:

“The Conservatives are failing a whole generation of children. Labour will deliver the real change Britain needs.

“Parents are struggling to afford the childcare support they need, while many children are going hungry and growing up homeless.

“Labour will open a Sure Start centre in every community and fund 30 hours’ free childcare for all two to four year olds to unlock the potential of every child.”

Angela Rayner, Labour’s Shadow Education Secretary, said:

“Investment in the early years can transform the lives of children and their families across this country, just as the last Labour government transformed mine.

“The Tories have slashed funding for Sure Start leading to a loss of 1,000 centres, while their so-called free childcare offer locks out those families most in need of support.

“Labour will make high-quality early years education and access to Sure Start Plus a right for all families, in a country for the many, not the few”

Labour Environmental and Energy Policy

In the UK, the combustion of fossil fuels for  electricity and use of gas for household heating  and cooking, was responsible for almost 40% of greenhouse gas emissions in 2016. There are also negative air quality and health impacts of coal and gas-fired power stations from nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide and ground level ozone. and cooking, was responsible for almost 40% of greenhouse gas emissions in 2016. There are also negative air quality and health impacts of coal and gas-fired power stations from nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide and ground level ozone. 

 That is why Labour will: 

  • Ensure that 60 per cent of the UK’s energy comes from low-carbon or renewable sources within twelve years of coming to power 
  • Support the development of tidal lagoons, starting with approval of the Swansea Tidal Lagoon 
  • Upgrade and invest in flexible energy networks capable of supporting a transition to decentralised renewable energy, by bringing the UK’s energy transmission and distribution networks back into public ownership. This means making more use of local, micro grids and of batteries to store and balance fluctuating renewable energy, and providing the necessary investment to connect renewable energy sources to the grid 
  • Remove the barriers to onshore wind put in place by the Conservative government, and stop the Conservatives’ chopping and changing of energy policy, investing in wind, solar and other renewable projects to support the creation of a thriving renewables industry with good, long term jobs across the UK  
  • Work closely with energy unions to support energy workers and communities through transition 


Fracking would lock the UK into high carbon energy infrastructure, would increase local air pollution, create large volumes of waste water, do little for the UK’s energy security, and is unpopular with affected communities.  

 That is why Labour will: 

Join France, Germany and other countries around the world in banning fracking. 

Labour Policy on Housing

Home is at the heart of our lives. But many low-income households hit by austerity face a real choice between heating and eating. 

The UK’s poorly insulated housing stock, among Europe’s most costly to heat is failing them badly. UK households are also responsible for about 14% of the UK’s greenhouse emissions.  

 That is why Labour will: 

Upgrade 4 million homes to Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) band C in our first term, investing £2.3bn per year to provide financial support for households to insulate their homes  

The take up and delivery of insulation schemes will be driven by local authorities working street to street – addressing one of the main reasons for the UK’s poor record on insulation to date: over-reliance on energy companies and market mechanisms to encourage households to insulate their properties. In addition to cutting greenhouse gas emissions, this would save at least £275 per year for affected households, improve the health and wellbeing of families, reduce costs to the NHS and create new skilled jobs 

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